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Kayla Johnson is a multi-disciplinary creative who strives for authentic storytelling and memorable experiences.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles and am now living in Seattle by way of Indiana (Go Hoosiers!). I’ve always needed an outlet for creative expression and once I finally came to terms with the fact that I can’t sing, I fell in love with photography and eventually figured out how to download Photoshop. Since then I’ve studied Fine Arts at Indiana University, had my images and designs published in magazines, won an ADDY, and photographed some of my favorite bands. I’ve always been interested in others' stories and what makes them tick. Lucky for me, people seem to sense that and you’ll likely find me sitting at a bar chatting about life with an unlikely new friend.

When I’m not creating, a few of my favorite things are snowboarding, wine, concerts, and my book “collection” that’s taking over my apartment.

I also think you really need to know about my beagle, Copper. He’s great and we’ve been co-dependent since 2013.